About Me

Jessy Libik

Jessy Libik is a freelance photographer.

Her website presents a collection of perfect little impressions and unique moments, that mesmerize the viewer. Most of her work portrays incidents that would go by unnoticed, if one does not look for them. A lot of value is given to composition, protagonists, colors and shapes in order to create harmony. Some of Jessy Libik’s works stimulate the imagination, some convey a special feeling, others are just very beautiful to watch. The pictures take the viewer on a journey through the atmospheres and moods of moments ranging from sky high jubilant joy, through playful curiosity, to lethargic solitude.





1.8.-29.8.2014 Group Expo: ‘HEISSER ALS JULI’
Katz & Bach Gallerie
Berlin, Kreuzberg

4.8.-1.10.2014 Single Expo: ‘BILDMOMENTE’
Kultur-Café, Nachbarschaftshaus Friedenau
Berlin, Friedenau



2013 – ‘BLICK AUS DEM FENSTER’ – 1st prize & audience prize
2014 – ‘VERBORGENE ORTE’ – 1st prize
NBHS Friedenau

2015 – ‘TOP BLACK & WHITE’ – 1st prize
Optiphot online photo contest